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Updated: May 1st, 2019


     Subscriptions at Retro Rocket Comics & Toys are 100% FREE.  There are NO FEES to subscribe to the comics and magazines you want on a monthly* basis. If you wish to subscribe, all we require is:

  • Your full name (or a parent/guardian's full name if under the age of 18)
  • A phone number you can be reached at (home, work, or cell). We MUST be able to leave a message on this number.
  • A list of the books you wish to subscribe to. 
  • A verbal commitment from the subscriber to adhere to and accept the conditions outlined below.

     Please be aware that a subscription may take up to 2 months to begin, as all books are ordered from our distributor 2 months in advance. Books may be added to your subscription at any time, but are subject to the same conditions as previously stated. Individual boooks may be removed from your subscription at any time, but a 1 month notice is required and you are responsible for the next month's worth of any book you cancel, unless otherwise notified by the shop owner.

      Subscribers (in good standing**) who have a pull list of 2 or more monthly titles receive 10% OFF the CANADIAN COVER PRICE of their subscriptions, as well as receive the following benefits:

  • FREE bag & board with each comic purchased

  • 10% OFF CANADIAN COVER PRICE all in-store new comics & 20% OFF sticker price of all back-issue comic books.

       Subscribers (in good standing**) who have a pull list of a single monthly title will not receive a discount off the Canadian cover of their subscriptions, but they will receive the following benefit:

  • FREE bag & board with each comic purchased


(eg. $3.99US is $5.39Can)


(eg. $3.99US is $4.99Can)


     SUBSCRIPTIONS MUST BE PICKED UP ONCE PER MONTH, EVERY MONTH. If more than 2 sequential issues of any given subscription book are on hold and the 3rd comes into the shop, the oldest book will be returned to the shelf for sale. If any book is returned to the shelf, you will lose your "good standing" for a period of one-month. You will be required to purchase all books on hold for regular CANADIAN cover price in order to return yourself to "good standing". A courtesy call will be made to the phone number provided by you to request a pick up after a full months books have been held. Failure to do so within two weeks time will result in a termination of your subscription, all held books will be returned to the shelves for sale to the public, and you will be unable to subscribe again.

     WHAT IF I CAN'T MAKE IT IN IN TIME? - We understand things happen unexpectedly, and you may not be able to get in before you fall out of "good standing". People get sick, go on vacation, move, or any of a thousand other things that life can throw at them. All we ask is that you do one thing. CONTACT US AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. Our phone number is 1-(519) 267-8737. If you don't call to let us know, we can't know you aren't leaving us holding books that won't be picked up.


     Please visit us during business hours to start your subscription service.

     We do not start subscriptions over the phone, or by e-mail.



       If you wish to stop your entire subscription, we require a minimum of 1 month's notice.  You are still responsible for any books currently on hold or on ordered for you for the following month. Failure to pick up this last month's books will result in a permanent ban from subscribing at Retro Rocket Comics in the future.  A subsciption may end naturally if 1) it is a limited series, 2) if the regular series comes to an end, or 3) if the series begins a new numbering system.

     We do not assume you will want to continue with a book if it "starts over at #1" or "reboots".  It is your obligation to tell us in advance of your intentions to keep with the book.

* some books are bi-weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually. It is the subscribers responsibility to know how often a book is published.

** "good standing" refers to any subscriber who has followed the pick-up schedule they have been given.


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