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Just for those that weren't aware, Marvel Comics has done a "slash & burn" of several of their regular titles, and most these titles have already seen their final issues hit the shelves.

We have been told that several of these titles will be restarting with new #1 issues in the fall, but which ones we are still unsure of. All current subscriptions for these books will be removed from lists (we won't assume you want a new series starting or restarting at #1 unless you request it) so please check back regularly for more information.

There are several "SECRET WARS" tie-in books that are on the shelves for the summer in place of several of these titles. They will likewise not automatically be held unless requested.

The list (and last issues are as follows)

All-New Captain America (ended @ Special #1)
All-New Ghost Rider (ended @ #12)
All-New X-Men (ended @ #41)
Amazing X-Men (ended @ #19)
Angela: Asgard's Assassin (ended @ #6)
Avengers (ended @ #44)
Avengers World (ended @ #21)
Captain Marvel (ended @ #15)
Cyclops (ended @ #12)
Deadpool (ended @ #45/#250)
Elektra (ended @ #11)
Fantastic Four (ended @ #645)
Guardians 3000 (ended @ #8)
Guardians of the Galaxy (ended @ #27)
Hulk (ended @ #16)
Inhuman (ended with Annual #1)
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon (ended @ #12)
Legendary Star-Lord (ended @ #12)
Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man (ended @ #12)
New Avengers (ended @ #33)
Nightcrawler (ended @ #12)
Nova (ended @ #31)
Rocket Raccoon (ended @ #11)
Secret Avengers (ended @ #15)
Spider-Man & The X-Men (ended @ #6)
Spider-Man 2099 (ended @ #12)
Storm (ended @ #11)
Superior Iron Man (ended @ #9)
Thor (ended @ #8)
Wolverines (ended @ #20)
X-Men (ended @ #26)

Amazing Spider-Man to end @ #20.1 this month
Uncanny X-Men to end @#35 this month

From i09:33 Marvel Comic Series Will End During Secret Wars




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Free Comic Book Day 2015


Free Comic Book day was a HUGE Success! Thank you to all who came out to spend it with us. Hope everyone had fun and went home with something good to read!

Thank you to all of you who brought donations for the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank. The 2 bins were overflowing with your generosity.

A huge and heartfelt thank you to our Special Guest Alfonso Espinos of Studiocomix.


Thank you also to our FCBD helpers Logan, Josh, Jessica & Tyler. You all did a fantastic job and this years event ran as smooth as it did because of your hard work.

Logan & Josh Jessica 

 Logan & Josh

(photo: Cambridge Self-help Food Bank)


 Congratulations to the winners of the 3 sets of all 50 FCBD2015 Comics: Joe Soares, Bill Blair and Jenn Moveira!

 For more photos of our event please visit our facebook page:


Sat. April 11th 1PM - 5PM

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