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Please note that due to the recent fall of the Canadian Dollar, all comics currently printed with only a US Cover Price will have the following price adjustments:

  • $2.99 US - $3.45 Can
  • $3.50 US - $4.05 Can
  • $3.99 US - $4.60 Can
  • $4.99 US - $5.75 Can
  • $5.99 US - $6.90 Can
  • $7.99 US - $9.20 Can
  • $9.99 US - $11.50 Can

COMIC SUBSCRIBERS will still pay US COVER on comics. Back issue books will not be affected and will still be sold at stickered price. Graphic Novels will be sold at stickered or printed Canadian Cover Price.

We sincerely apologize for the increase, but we are still losing a considerable amount to our comic distributors, who are as of this week, charging us over 20% exchange rate on not only our books, but on shipping, tax, and import fees.  Thank you for your continued patronage, and understanding in these matters.

Cambridge Choice Readers Awards

Thank you to everyone who voted! We won PLATINUM for BEST COLLECTIBLES STORE and GOLD for BEST TOY/HOBBY STORE! Check us out in today's Cambridge Times Reader's Choice Awards Section!

Retro Rocket v3.0

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