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by Brandon Jerwa, Stefano Caselli, & Sunder Raj
Their names are legend. Snake Eyes. Kamakura. The Silent Ninja Master and his Apprentice, both valued members of the G.I. Joe team. But it wasn't always that way... Only a few years ago, the G.I. Joe team had been disbanded, leaving Snake-Eyes with a chance to find peace with his fiancée, Scarlett. Sean Collins was a bright young career soldier, chosen to serve in an elite unit called Hammer Team. But a bitter twist of fate would bring them together. In one terrible night, both men see all they hold dear shattered at the hands of the terrorist known as Firefly. Neither sees any hope for the future - until Sean seeks the discipline of Ninja teachings. Bound by fate, the two men embark on a quest for justice as Master & Apprentice.