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by Shekhar Kapur & Saurav Mohapatra
When the dread dark Lord Bala threatened humanity, the Gods took a part of themselves and created an avatar of divine power, a Devi. Centuries later when Bala rose again, another Devi was reincarnated in the form of a young woman, Tara Mehta. But the latest Devi incarnate, is more than just Goddess, she is also, human. After defeating Bala, Devi defies the Gods and chooses to stay and protect Sitapur. But as she comes to terms with her new role, she must deal with the Apsara assassin, Kratha, the shady underworld dons making their move on Sitapur and a mysterious super-powered being who hunts the Devi for purposes unknown. Writer Saurav Mohapatra (India Authentic) and artist Saumin Patel bring you the next chapter in the thrilling tale about a girl who never wanted to be a Goddess, and a Goddess who longed to be human.